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oh no

That black cat is still available!!!

Here's a link to the post with pictures of the cat

Well, if I wanted to get the cat I would have to talk about it with Alex first. The more I think about it, the more excited I get. I would really love to have a cat!

Plus it's a black cat, which I love.

And anyway, I know for sure we would never get a 2nd dog... so a cat would be a good addition. It could stay at home with no problems at all... and if the cat and dog got along well enough then Aslan could possibly start staying home sometimes too... like when we go out to eat or something.

I will have to talk to Alex about this. I emailed the woman back and asked her if she knew if the cat got along well with dogs. Then maybe I will go visit it, so see how it looks in person. Well, how HE looks in person. And if I like him, then I will ask Alex about him.

I can't imagine why Alex would say no. It's not like cats are a difficulty or anything. It's must less work than a dog, I think. A dog requires constant attention, but cats are so much more independent.

We may have to put a pet deposit down though. Oh well. We didn't have to with Aslan... but if we get a 2nd animal, we might have to.

And anyway... we know plenty of people who have cats and dogs together and have way more animals than we do. Mike and Jen have 2 cats and 2 dogs. Jake and Alicia have 2 dogs and 1 cat and they used to have 3 dogs plus the 1 cat. Okay so that's just 2 couples but still.

Ugh... just have to wait for a little while. In the meantime, I need to get my butt in gear for today.

a cat story

Forgot to mention that I found on CL a posting about a black cat nearby that is free to a good home... so I emailed the chick. We'll see what happens. I don't know why...maybe it's the novelty of it...but a cat just seems like a fun addition.

Aslan gets along really well with my Aunt's cat, so I can't imagine why he wouldn't get along with this one. But who knows... plus the cat is free. If it doesn't work out, I have no idea who I could give it to.

I wonder where we would put the litter box? Just thought about that... it would have to be some place where Aslan couldn't get to it, which would mean it would have to be elevated.


You know, a cat is probably not the best idea.

Oh well. Still hoping.

well i'll just decide

Just spent about $30 at amazon.com .. but I got completely practical things. Like a pee pad container thing that is supposed to protect the floor, and this lightweight bissel vac. I really hope that pee pad thing works... Aslan's pee is destroying the wood floor here in the apartment and that's no good. I want at least part of our deposit back when we eventually leave. If ever.

I have this dream of knocking out the wall between this apartment and the one next door and combining them into 1 giant apartment that could be like a house. I honestly have no idea if that would even work since I think that wall is probably a support wall. But I can dream anyway.

I'm trying to get everything together for this open house we want to throw in May. I might push it back more toward the end of the month of May, and I'm starting to 2nd guess myself on whether or not it should be a Saturday or Sunday. I was first thinking Sunday but some of the guests I'm inviting...don't think they would drive up on a Sunday since people have to work Mondays and also might have attended church earlier that day. If it was me, and I lived 2 hours away and cared about coming to someone's open house, I would want to go on a Saturday.

So looking at the calendar for May... it seems that might be the 24th. One day less than 2 months away. Need to get the invitations out! Need to buy the invitations... the next closest time I could do it would be June 24th. I don't really want to do it in June.

Okay, well I'll just decide it's going to be May 24th. At that time it's going to be a hard time for my family... since on the 28th and 29th will be the anniversaries of my grandpa and great-grandma passing away respectively. It'll be good to have something fun and family-related going on, especially for my mom whose birthday is May 30th.

Wow okay so really after finishing that last paragraph, I disappeared for like 2 hours and was looking at Cincinnati's CraigsList... then I got lost looking at Best of CL which I haven't looked at in forever...

This is hilarious!

And this is why I love Best of CL...because of posts like this

Okay... well I'm still on the couch and Alex has gone to bed. It's 1:50am. I think I might go to bed now...even though I am not even tired. I might bring my laptop. Yes, I am a stinker.

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