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Well, this has not been a very productive day so far in terms of what I've cleaned or gotten put away... I guess it's good that I don't really have a lot of things to do tomorrow... just 3 places to visit, and I can get those done in the morning I think. Well, actually, I'll have to leave in the afternoon since pickup time isn't until like 1pm or something. That stinks. Why did I do that? Oh well....

Let's see, so today I got this stuff done:
1. Hung up living room curtains
2. Cleaned out Butler's Pantry cabinet
3. Put away most of my summer clothes and packed up winter clothes
4. Got fabric to cover chair cushions
5. Got frames
6. Got plants
7. Got a patio set
8. Leaving soon with Alicia to get the plates and napkins and stuff
9. Got trash cans (we needed 1 for the living room and 1 for the bedroom)
10. Got a rug for the patio

I think that's it. All in all I will have spent almost $300.00 today. That kinda sickens me but it's money I would have been spending anyway I guess eventually... because this is stuff we needed.. well the fabric to cover the cushions isn't something we *needed* so that's like a bonus.

Well Alicia is on her way here now so I'm going to work on those cushions until then!

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