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checking in

Okay well it's 4:18 now and what have I accomplished from my list?

I got the dishes done...

And I decided on the final piece of furniture that needed to be moved into the living room... and I also got together a plan for the rest of the place.

And I also decided that we have WAY too much stuff. And that we don't have enough storage space. So my secondary goal is to start looking through each room as I'm cleaning it and getting rid of the stuff that we just don't need. There is a lot!

For example, we got as a wedding present this really nice coffee maker. I love coffee, but I don't drink it at home... I very rarely drink it out too. I usually have it in some other form, but even that is a rare thing. So.... what is the point of having this coffee maker if it will never get used and if it only just takes up counter space? So I'm offering it to my mom and dad. If they don't want it, it's going to storage until there comes a day when Alex and I drink coffee at home.

Books are another example. That's my problem because I love books and I have a hard time parting with anything from my collection but... I know that I will never read half of the books I have. We don't really *need* them, especially when there's such a thing as a library.

Magazines are something else I have a problem with collecting. I like to cut pieces of out of them and scrapbook stuff...but I fall behind in doing that and the magazines pile up and it bcomes this huge mess. So I just need to suck it up and toss the magazines. There will be more!

Bleh. I'm feeling tired now though. Oh wait, I know what I can do. i have these individual little servings of broccoli with cheese on it so I'll have one of those. That should give me some energy!

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