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cat pee stinks

So last night Aslan had to have a timeout for chasing the cat and for doing other not good puppy things. He was barking for no good reason, running around, biting feet... all at 1 o'clock in the morning. It was very strange, and so I popped him into his crate so he could calm down for a little bit.

I took him out like 20 minutes later or something, and he brought him to bed... but then he was acting like he had to go potty so I put him down... but when I went to bring him back up to bed he ran away from me and was acting bad again! So I chased him down (which was very annoying... I hate it when he does that) and put him on a pee pad in the living room and told him to go potty. I think he was shocked and scared though because all he would do was just stand there and stare at me with his ears back.

I felt awful and picked him up and cuddled him. And then he just wanted to sit in my lap and wouldn't even walk around. Poor little Aslan. He is just 5 months old and sometimes I forget that and think he should act different...but he's just a puppy. And sometimes he just can't help being hyper.

He was better today, so that's good. He did chase the cat a couple times, but I didn't catch him in the act to be able to reprimand him so that stunk.

In other cat news, Alex really adores Stewie (whose name I think we will be changing to Caspian, to stick with the royal Narnia theme). What tipped him was this one night a week or so ago (I guess 2 weeks ago actually) when Alex was playing GameCube and Stewie/Caspian laid beside him. And then there was another time where Stewie/Caspian made biscuits on him. Always a good time.

The cat is very sweet. But he peed on and subsequently ruined all the pet beds we had around the house. That was very irritating because all but 1 belonged to Aslan. I'm especially annoyed about the kitchen one because Aslan really liked that one. It was very cute...when we would come home at night he would lay inside it because he would be tired and wanted to sleep some more. But now it's somewhere in the trash... stinking of cat pee.

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