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almost party day

Okay so in terms of cleaning, tomorrow was completely a bust. That's okay though... I did get a lot of other stuff done. Got all the errands done for yesterday, hung up some pictures, made plans to hang up the giant aisle runner, all kinds of stuff. The plates, napkins, cups and everything ended up $89 something ... I got a tablecloth, tableskirt, plates, cups, napkins, forks and I think that's everything. Got ribbon too to put on the tableskirt...but that's like a secondary project that isn't very important right now.

Oh, I also got 1 chair cushion covered. It hurts my arm so I can't do them all in a row. So maybe in a minute here I'll go after another before it's time to start running errands. I have like an hour before I need to get dressed. I think maybe I'll work on the entryway before going down into the bedroom. I kind of want to wait until Alex gets home. He works until 2:30 or so. After work though he is going to go buy a poster for the small room.

I need to make a task list for him.... that reminds me.

I also need to make a grocery list.

Okay well time to stop wasting time and have at it....

update update

Well, this has not been a very productive day so far in terms of what I've cleaned or gotten put away... I guess it's good that I don't really have a lot of things to do tomorrow... just 3 places to visit, and I can get those done in the morning I think. Well, actually, I'll have to leave in the afternoon since pickup time isn't until like 1pm or something. That stinks. Why did I do that? Oh well....

Let's see, so today I got this stuff done:
1. Hung up living room curtains
2. Cleaned out Butler's Pantry cabinet
3. Put away most of my summer clothes and packed up winter clothes
4. Got fabric to cover chair cushions
5. Got frames
6. Got plants
7. Got a patio set
8. Leaving soon with Alicia to get the plates and napkins and stuff
9. Got trash cans (we needed 1 for the living room and 1 for the bedroom)
10. Got a rug for the patio

I think that's it. All in all I will have spent almost $300.00 today. That kinda sickens me but it's money I would have been spending anyway I guess eventually... because this is stuff we needed.. well the fabric to cover the cushions isn't something we *needed* so that's like a bonus.

Well Alicia is on her way here now so I'm going to work on those cushions until then!

you can't pay rent with velveeta cheese

I think yesterday Aslan and I made a lot of progress. The bathroom is completely done, the living room is too and the kitchen just about is completely done. The front room and small room was finished last week so that only leaves the bedroom.

I hate cleaning the bedroom because it's cut off from the rest of the rooms so I can't really hear the tv very well. I like doing it better when Alex is home because then he keeps me company.


Well I just hung up the curtains here in the living room. I finished them last night while Alex and I were watching Family Guy. They look good. They're a gauzy kind of fabric that blocks out people from seeing in but lets in light still.

I have judge Alex on and he just said to some woman "You can't pay rent with velveeta cheese" ... I guess the woman was trying to pay rent with food items instead of money? Which reminds me we still owe rent for May!! It was due on the 1st. Oops.

I only have to make curtains for 1 more room... and that's the small room. I don't think I'll get to that before the housewarming. I'm guessing the windows are about the same measurements as these ones that are the living room. They might be a little bit shorter though. There is a radiator in front of one, the top of which is in line with the base of the window... so

Gosh I started this entry an hour ago and all I've done is hang up curtains and clean out and organize the cabinets in the Butler's Pantry. Slow day. I'm meeting my friend Angela around 3pm at Lowe's to look at a patio set. Which means I should probably measure the patio before going to Lowe's so I can also look at carpeting. Maybe I'll just get a large rug. Because the problem with getting new carpeting is that I have to figure out some way to attach it... and I'd probably have to rip up the old carpet, which is like tarred to the floor.

I just applied for Alex to this library assistant position. It's fulltime and would be an improvement in terms of stress level of the job he has now. Actually, anything would be an improvement.

Hmm.. well let me go look at my latest housewarming update email to see what all I've go to do today.

1. Go to Lowe's and look at the patio furniture
2. Hang up the framed aisle runner thing
3. Finish the bedroom
4. Go to Card & Party for plates, napkins, cups, tablecloth and table skirt
5. Bring up table and chairs from Cornerstone
6. Go to Crabtree & Evelyn for dish soap and decorative soaps
7. Get frames for pictures (6 frames total)
8. Bring white shelf to parent's house for Emily's room
9. Print the tour guides (made those Tuesday night)

So I'll have to go out to Crabtree & Evelyn, Lowe's, some framing store... and the party place. I have to figure out where to get frames at. I might wait to do that until after Lowe's so then I can see where I'm at and what the closest place is. I found some more things I'd like to frame while I was cleaning out the butler's pantry. Oh that reminds me I want to send all the honeymoon pics to walgreens to get them printed so I can have those out too along with the wedding pictures I have so far.

I'll go do that in a second.

Okay so it's 1:05pm right now. I have to meet Angela at 3pm. I'm guessing I'll probably be done with her at around 4:00pm. Then I'll have to go to Crabtree & Evelyn and get frames. Ooooor I could leave now and go to Card & Party... oh but wait I forgot I told Alicia we would do that during our So Sweet meeting time. So that means I won't be going to Card & Party until 7pm or so.

Well, if I left at 1:30 and went to Crabtree & Evelyn then I'd get there around 1:45 ... that would give me an hour to pick out soaps and stuff and also to go get frames. Then I could go to Lowe's, pick out the furniture, and afterwards get any other frames I need still. Then go home and work on the bedroom...then go meet Alicia. Come back after that and finish up on the bedroom. Maybe we could meet at Card & Party a little earlier than 7pm... like 6:30 or something like that.

I would also like to get some pull back things for the curtains. Two I guess. I don't need any in the front room. I just need some for the living room and the bedroom. I had this stupid little blue one...which I should just sell on eBay because it's an old Anthro item. It's probably the first thing I bought there. I bought 2 actually.

Let's see... so I need to get ready now. I also need to call my mom because she said she may want to come with me to Crabtree & Evelyn...


to err is human

Okay well here I am, sitting in the living room, checking in to see what all I've gotten done for my task list for today. I guess I've gotten a decent amount done.

I got up at 11:00 because I didn't get to sleep until 4:30 or something crazy like that.. So I've had at least 7 hours of sleep or a little less, which isn't bad. I should be good for the rest of today, although sitting here now on the couch I could fall asleep again.

I had (am still sorta drinking) an instant breakfast this morning and that seems to have done well to get me going. I put up the toilet paper roller thing in the bathroom, hung up 2 pictures (overtop where the old towel rack used to be since I don't think there will be time to paint that wall before the housewarming)... finished scraping the little decals off the other mirror, painted the second shelf bracket for the litter holder...

I'm waiting for the bracket to dry. When that dries I will go hang those up and then I'll start cleaning the bathroom. In the meantime I guess I"ll finish up the kitchen. There isn't a whole lot to do in there anymore. Mostly I have to finish arranging the decorative stuff. I rearranged all the countertops yesterday and cleaned too so I'm glad that's done. I'll need to clean all the floors on Friday night or Saturday morning. I guess in the meantime I'll just swiffer.

Today when I go to Lowe's I want to look at cabinet knobs for the bathroom, and then screws for some in the kitchen. I put up all the new cabinet/drawer knobs yesterday that I could in the kitchen, except for 5. They didn't have a screw that would work. I may have to custom cut one. For that bathroom, I had gotten some from Ikea, but the screws they came with worked only for the cabinets, not for the drawers. Those stupid drawers are thick and so the screws only stick out like as far as the tip of my finger so there is nothing to screw onto for the knob.

The only other thing I'll have to do in the bathroom after I've hung up the brackets for the litter box is to get a clock for the strip of wall where I used to have these little porcelain flower things hanging. Oh, and the 2 other pictures. I'm going to ask Alex which wall he thinks they should go on.

I forgot to ask Michael about that tin stuff... it's fake tin tiles (made of plastic instead of aluminum or tin). I wanted to make them the backsplash for above the sink and the stove. There isn't time to do that anymore... because I would need to cover switchplates and also figure out some kind of thing that would divide the tin from the wall. Also, now that I think about it, it might look stupid. I'd have to buy some and look though.

Alex and I went to Wal*Mart yesterday after we left my parent's house. We spend like $120.00something but that's okay. It was things we needed. We got Aslan a new bag since he peed in his other one and ruined it (plus it was just falling apart anyway). We got Caspian a little cat hideaway that he isn't even using and I suspect he might have already peed in.

Other stuff was a tablecloth (made of lace) for the kitchen... we have a glass table in there and sometimes I think it needs something covering it.

Then I got stuff to make a wreath. Tonight I'll make the wreath when we're at my parent's house because I'll need to borrow my mom's hot glue gun. I am very excited about this wreath... the base is like woven twigs or something, and then I got sprigs of fake lavender. It's going to be really pretty.

Hmm what else... oh we got some fake plants for this umbrella basket that was a wedding present. The basket had previously been holding up my grandpa's memorial plant, but now that plant's outside and I didn't want this basket to be outside too. The plants need something to be propped up on though because they look kind of silly right now. Also, I think I might need more of them. I didn't realize, when I was picking out the plants, just how wide the opening of the basket is.

The other thing we got was a poster and a frame for our media room. Alex picked it out.. it's a Phoenix rising from its ashes.

Oh, we got paint for the brackets too...duh.

Today when Aslan and I go out shopping we need to focus on 3 things:
1. Getting a nice clock for the bathroom (I looked online at Target and found some nice ones...but Aslan always gets kicked out of Target so I don't know if that will work to go there)
2. Getting fabric to cover the cushions on the kitchen chairs (I figured out how to take the cushions off to recover them)
3. Getting the patio set from Lowe's and also maybe some carpet if I can figure that out

I hate spending money lately. I have no idea how much any of this food stuff is going to be and it just makes me sick to my stomach on how much money it could be. I have this tendency to think that I shouldn't hold out any stops when it comes to entertaining...but I always regret that later. Especially since all 3 of my credit cards have a little bit over $1,000 on them. I need to pay down one so that I can give it to my mom when she picks up some of the food for me on Friday.

Okay well I'm going to work on the kitchen for a little bit, then finish up the bathroom and then I guess it will be errand time. Fun!!!!!!!

checking in

Okay well it's 4:18 now and what have I accomplished from my list?

I got the dishes done...

And I decided on the final piece of furniture that needed to be moved into the living room... and I also got together a plan for the rest of the place.

And I also decided that we have WAY too much stuff. And that we don't have enough storage space. So my secondary goal is to start looking through each room as I'm cleaning it and getting rid of the stuff that we just don't need. There is a lot!

For example, we got as a wedding present this really nice coffee maker. I love coffee, but I don't drink it at home... I very rarely drink it out too. I usually have it in some other form, but even that is a rare thing. So.... what is the point of having this coffee maker if it will never get used and if it only just takes up counter space? So I'm offering it to my mom and dad. If they don't want it, it's going to storage until there comes a day when Alex and I drink coffee at home.

Books are another example. That's my problem because I love books and I have a hard time parting with anything from my collection but... I know that I will never read half of the books I have. We don't really *need* them, especially when there's such a thing as a library.

Magazines are something else I have a problem with collecting. I like to cut pieces of out of them and scrapbook stuff...but I fall behind in doing that and the magazines pile up and it bcomes this huge mess. So I just need to suck it up and toss the magazines. There will be more!

Bleh. I'm feeling tired now though. Oh wait, I know what I can do. i have these individual little servings of broccoli with cheese on it so I'll have one of those. That should give me some energy!

help pick my husband's band's name!

Go to this website and help Alex and his friend Jake pick the name for their band! Just vote in the 2 polls ... voting ends on May 14th so don't waste any time and do it now!!

cat pee stinks

So last night Aslan had to have a timeout for chasing the cat and for doing other not good puppy things. He was barking for no good reason, running around, biting feet... all at 1 o'clock in the morning. It was very strange, and so I popped him into his crate so he could calm down for a little bit.

I took him out like 20 minutes later or something, and he brought him to bed... but then he was acting like he had to go potty so I put him down... but when I went to bring him back up to bed he ran away from me and was acting bad again! So I chased him down (which was very annoying... I hate it when he does that) and put him on a pee pad in the living room and told him to go potty. I think he was shocked and scared though because all he would do was just stand there and stare at me with his ears back.

I felt awful and picked him up and cuddled him. And then he just wanted to sit in my lap and wouldn't even walk around. Poor little Aslan. He is just 5 months old and sometimes I forget that and think he should act different...but he's just a puppy. And sometimes he just can't help being hyper.

He was better today, so that's good. He did chase the cat a couple times, but I didn't catch him in the act to be able to reprimand him so that stunk.

In other cat news, Alex really adores Stewie (whose name I think we will be changing to Caspian, to stick with the royal Narnia theme). What tipped him was this one night a week or so ago (I guess 2 weeks ago actually) when Alex was playing GameCube and Stewie/Caspian laid beside him. And then there was another time where Stewie/Caspian made biscuits on him. Always a good time.

The cat is very sweet. But he peed on and subsequently ruined all the pet beds we had around the house. That was very irritating because all but 1 belonged to Aslan. I'm especially annoyed about the kitchen one because Aslan really liked that one. It was very cute...when we would come home at night he would lay inside it because he would be tired and wanted to sleep some more. But now it's somewhere in the trash... stinking of cat pee.

he's a star!

Here's a couple pictures of the black cat named Stewie, which will become the black cat of another name if we end up keeping him!

These are from last night when he was exploring, and Aslan was helping him

cat in the nest

The cat is here!!

But it's only temporary... with the hopes of going permanent.


lisa no inglata

So I decided yesterday on a date for the open house. There is a lot to be done until that time.

Let's start room by room. I'm going to take pictures of the before, and then in another entry we'll do pictures of after. But first... I better go find my camera...

Okay got the camera. Aslan and I had to journey down to the street because I forgot I had left it in my bag in the car. I'm still in pajamas..so my bright blue fleece pajama pants with the teddy bear pattern got some interesting looks.

***Side note!!! Erica just emailed me back about the cat... and she is available for me to come visit him tonight after 5:30 so that means that Alex could potentially come too!! I am getting so stinking excited about this. You know, it would probably work best if I went to see the cat after youth group because then I know for sure Alex could see it too. ***


Will edit this later and finish it...